The nooconz innovative pool noodle connection system was developed from the designer laying around on a pool noodle thinking “I want to build fun toys from pool noodles?”.    After searching for readily available products to build pool toys from pool noodles with strong structures, the designer realised there was nothing suitable available.    So began countless hours designing and testing shapes made on a 3D printer, before protecting the idea with a Patent and then moving on to shapes that can be mass produced.


nooconz is a proudly Australian designed and manufactured product that values children’s creativity through sustainable products.


The benefits of this system include :

  • Creating fun pool toys from pool noodles

  • Getting children outside having fun in the pool

  • Reducing screen time

  • Never have to worry about air leaks that occur with inflatable toys

  • Allowing children to develop further cognitive spatial awareness

  • Having fun in the outside

  • Parents can play with their children

  • Modules can be purchased over time to build a collection allowing new ideas to be created

  • Re-usable parts will allow items to be built, stripped down and re-built

  • Building fun pool toys


The nooconz brand values :

  • Australian design and manufacturing

  • Getting children outside creating ideas

  • Children having fun building 

  • Interactions with parents and children

  • Forming ongoing relationships with customers

  • Provide quality products

  • Sustainable practices

What will you create today?