Frequently asked questions

Why is there a 30 day risk free return policy?

At nooconz we know that you will love creating pool noodle shapes and we also understand these are new products so you are not so sure they will work. We take out the worry so you can enjoy them!

How does this system go together ?

Please refer to the instructions page to see the printed instructions and links to instructional videos

Why does the barb have 4 locking tabs, but only 2 are used in the connector modules ?

When the barbs are screwed into the pool noodle holes, there is no way to know where the locking tabs will be when it’s screwed in. For some shapes this does not matter but for other shapes it does and by have 4 locking tabs, the most the barb will have to be screwed in or out is 45degrees.

What’s the spanner for ?

The spanner is a multipurpose tool that is needed to assemble and disassemble the modular system. One end of the spanner goes over the lug on the end of the screw barb and makes it easy to screw the barb into the pool noodle.

The other end of the spanner goes into the slots of the connector modules and pushes the barbs locking tabs down, allowing the barbs to be pulled out of the modules and then re-used.

How can I create other shapes ?

nooconz is designed as a modular connection system and different connect will be released over time. For summer 2017 there will be the horsey kit released and this will be followed up with boats, volley ball net, goals, basketball hoops and the ability to buy the individual parts you require.

I have other questions ?

Please submit any questions via the ask us contact form, and we will respond and add relevant answers to this list to help others who may have the same question?